10 pack - mix and match your own flavors. Click each Doggy Cuisine to add them to your cooler. You must fill all 10 squares. Once your cooler is full please then press the add-to-cart button.


Click each Doggy Cuisine to add them to your cooler. You must fill all 10 squares. Once your cooler is full please then press the add-to-cart button.

Chicken & Veggies –
Ingredients: Chicken Thigh Meat, Spinach,
Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Brown Rice and Water Sufficient for Processing.
Nutrition Facts: Crude Protein not < 6%, Crude Fat not < 2%, Crude Fiber not > 1%, Moisture not >78%, Calories per 6 oz pouch: 150

Pork, Pasta & Potato –
Ingredients: Ground Pork, Potatoes, Diced Tomatoes in Juice, Celery, Elbow macaroni, vegetable oil, Flour and Water Sufficient for Processing.
Nutrition Facts: Crude Protein not < 7%, Crude Fat not < 7%, Crude Fiber not > 1%, Moisture not >75%, Calories per 6 oz pouch: 230

Beefy Rice –
Ingredients: Ground Beef, Brown Rice, Carrots, Peas, vegetable oil and Water Sufficient for Processing.
Nutrition Facts: Crude Protein not < 6%, Crude Fat not < 5%, Crude Fiber not > 1%, Moisture not >75%, Calories per 6 oz pouch: 230

Turkey Mac-
Ingredients: Ground Turkey, Spinach, Elbow Macaroni, Cheese, Carrots, Flour, vegetable oil and Water Sufficient for Processing.Nutrition Facts: Crude Protein not < 7%, Crude Fat not < 6%, Crude Fiber not > 1%, Moisture not > 68%-, Calories per 6 0z. pouch: 150

Fish Stew – Grain free recipe! –
Ingredients: Diced Tomatoes in Juice, Mackerel, Sweet Potatoes, Spinach, Whitefish, Quinoa, Carrots and Water Sufficient for Processing.
Nutrition Facts: Crude Protein not < 4%, Crude Fat not < 1 %, Crude Fiber not > 1%, Moisture not 85% – Calories per 6 oz. pouch: 100

20 reviews for 10 Pack Mix and Match

  1. Amazon Customer

    My 4 month old Berger Blanc Suisse puppy absolutely loves this food. Certain packs are more watery than others, however you can tell that the ingredients are of excellent quality. I use Rudy Greens as a topper for her kibble and she gobbles up the entire bowl every time. She loves all of the varieties, so I get her the mixed pack to make meal time interesting and to supplement her kibble with good nutritional ingredients. In one pack of food, there are approximately three quarter cups, so one pack can last us for up to three servings. Once she goes down to two servings per day, the variety pack will last quite a long time, since you get 20 packets of food with each order. I find this to be a better deal than other human-grade food options, which can cost upwards of 300 dollars per month. Overall, I would highly recommend Rudy Greens and will continue to purchase this product for my furry family member.

  2. Valerie

    My dog has spit out steak before. I can get her to eat about a half a pouch of each variety…if I hand feed it to her. I make sure I drain as much of the water/fluid out of it as possible then feed it to her by hand. Requires a lot of hand washing but whatever it takes so I don’t hear her stomach turning in the middle of the night, I’ll do it.

  3. Kiri Jacobsen

    I have a 12 year old cocker spaniel and she has consistently had stomach issues and began getting bouts of colitis. I’d worked with dog nutritionist in the past and nothing was working – but making my own food from scratch. IT was time consuming and stressful – so I searched for an alternative. I tried various natural – human grade food and shipping was so expensive and nothing was working. Then I came across Rudy Green’s on Amazon and we haven’t looked back! Not only does my dog, Duchess, love the food – it keeps her so healthy. No more colitis, no more runny poop – Just a happy and healthy dog who loves her food. This company is amazing and I cannot recommend this food and this company enough. you’ll love it!

  4. fredia brown

    I have 2 little chihuahuas ,( they don’t know they are little ) that are about 12 years old. They were abandoned as puppies, as they couldn’t be used for breeding. My daughter brought them to me , to find them a home. I did ! They have trouble with their teeth. A friend gave me a pouch of Rudy Greens. I mix about a teaspoon into each bowl , with dry food. They lick the bowls clean! I ran out and tried a canned food, with their dry food.They sniffed it gave me a look . and went to bed. It is a little expensive , but since I mix it with their dry food it only cost about 15 cents more per serving. It is definitely worth it for my babies !

  5. Jada

    These look really good but I have the most picky dogs on earth when it comes to food so some days they would eat it and some days they would not. Too much money for me to have to throw it out but again, my dogs are extremely picky

  6. Robert F. Dies

    My dog Lucky, a 10 month old rescued border collie mix loves his Rudy Greens. Searching for an organic alternative to any canned dog food I stumbled across Rudy Greens. It arrives 4 packets to a box and solidly frozen. You thaw out in the fridge and put a single packet with his kibble, turning plain ol dog food into a home cooked meal. Truly amazing product for the busy pet owner.

  7. Suzanne L.

    I have been feeding Rudy Greens to my dog , Foxy, for many years. She thinks that it is GOURMET and devours it. I trust the content of the meals and would highly recommend the product. Suzanne L. Straley

  8. Sharon Stoll

    This is the only dog food that helps my aging dogs. It is all natural & healthy ingredients boost their energy & ability to focus.

  9. KAG

    Our dog is so excited when it’s time to eat – we say “Rudy Green’s” and he comes running! We add 1/2 packet to his dry dog food, twice per day. Great product & even better customer service. Thank you!

  10. ccbussett

    I have two dogs, one of which is a very picky eater. However, when I feed him this he follows me, tail wagging till I put his bowl down and he completely devours it. I also love that this is human grade And so healthy for both dogs. I will definitely keep buying.

  11. veneva glover

    Whenever Ranger saw me get pkg out of freezer to put in microwave he would last down by his dish. Always a clean bowl. A little slow to like fish stew.

  12. Shelly B.

    My dog LOVES Rudy Greens. We add it to her kibble. She gets so excited waiting to be fed!!!

  13. kim russell

    My 3 dogs LOVED this food! I warmed it in package and split one package (not box-there are 5 in a box) between 3 dogs and mixed it with a little dry food.

  14. dominique r beckum

    My picky dog loves Rudy Greens. There coats and skin are so much healthier

  15. Karine M. Hudlow

    My dog loves it, and he is a very picky eater. Since it is frozen it is so convenient, 2 minutes in the microwave and I mix it with the dry food to enhance it, I mostly use it when I have no time to make something to mix with the dry and I know it is quality food. I usually use only 1/2 pack with the dry food, as it is plenty.

  16. AtlantaGirl

    My dog gives it five stars. I have not tried it myself but he likes it better than any other soft dog food I have bought. It caught my attention because of the clean ingredients.

  17. Maine Girl

    We ordered and got delivery of Rudy Green’s pet food for our dog, a family member, Master Pip (from Great Expectations).

    The human grade food is well packaged to prevent spoilage. It is in a frozen state and should be moved to the freezer. It is easy to use by following the printed directions.

    Although, we gave Master Pip the best grain free kibble style food we could find he developed skin eczema accompanied with excessive scratching. Our vet explained he needs vitamin E, or fish oil. How could he be missing vitamin E while we spend $80+/bag on dog kibble? Vitamin E is listed as an ingredient. It appears the extruded, high temperature, highly processed mass produced non human grade food lacks the basic nutrition for life, human and dog life.

    Only true food, human grade food, will do for our family members. Master Pip is cured of the eczema by eating whole nutrient rich real food–Rudy Green’s real human grade food.

  18. Judy T.

    I first learned about Rudy Greens earlier this year. The Founder of the company offered to assist me with my orders over the ensuing months. My pups have enjoyed these delicious meals, and I feel good about giving them such nutritious foods. I even passed this information along to my veterinarians so that they might bring these products to the attention of their clients. I’m delighted that a Variety Pack is now available and am anxious to offer my pups the fish. Over the years, I have tried many different products; however, none has come close to meeting the quality of Rudy Greens foods and, needless to say, we look forward to a long relationship with this outstanding organization.
    3 people found this helpful

  19. beth

    Our small dog is an extremely picky eater . We tried countless brands of dog food until I found Rudy Greens. She loves it and we are so happy to feed her such a high quality product.
    I needed to contact the company with a question and was very impressed with their customer service . They are a first class company with a first class product .

  20. Tyler Ohlmann

    Karla is one of Louisville’s finest!!! Her dedication to her clients is so refreshing. It’s a rarity to find someone whose passion, dedication, and expertise so perfectly align. She has made a drastically positive difference in both my and my dog’s life. My senior APBT is suffering from Cushing’s and her custom formulated diet and better-than-veterinary research and advice have eased that suffering immensely. I have and will continue to recommend her and her product line to everyone I know

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