Our corporate mission is based on our love for, and support of, animal welfare organizations.   Because we are founded by a lifelong animal rescue advocate, Rudy Green’s donates 5% of all sales to support animal welfare groups in each market we serve. 
Since 2006 we have donated funds and time to help less fortunate animals find forever homes and lead happy, healthy lives filled with love. 

We believe that a variety of gently cooked, unprocessed whole foods will give your dog the benefits of a natural diet which provides the most easily digested and absorbed forms of nutrients available. Instead of adding artificial, powdered ingredients designed to simulate vitamin and mineral content, we give you simple recipes comprised solely of human edible, wholesome ingredients, prepared with integrity and transparency.

Our Doggy Cuisines™ are made and packaged by hand with 100% human edible ingredients, plainly and proudly stated on our label. Because we don’t expose our food to high heat, pressure or use any other type of preservatives, each unit comes frozen in 24oz. boxes – each with 4  – 6oz individual pouches that keep thawed in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks. 

IMPORTANT: IF YOUR DOG is not used to having real food, be sure to make the transition very slowly, adding a spoonful to the usual food at each meal.

For more information on breed specific nutrition including a comprehensive list of each breeds historical evolution and nutritional needs see: www.truthaboutpetfood.com