In 2006, my love for a sick old lab led to the creation of a small business making the first truly human- grade dog food to be sold frozen at retail in the US.   The company, named in honor of a big brown dog named Rudy Green, was founded with a mission to change the way we feed our pets, and to provide financial assistance to help animals in need.   We have persevered for years, overcoming formidable obstacles with determination and hard work and it has sparked a revolution in pet food.  Our efforts to awaken common sense and raise consumer awareness have led to positive changes in a massive industry cloaked in secrecy and built on profits over the health of pets.

Rudy Green’s remains a small, woman-owned, privately held company, based on total transparency and true love for animals.   Everyone working within the company actively supports the mission of animal welfare.   And because of loyal, like-minded customers, we have been able to improve and save countless lives of less fortunate pets through a financial contribution of a minimum of 5% from each sale, and by transporting, fostering and helping shelters with hands on efforts.

I am the founder and the face of Rudy Green’s, but we owe our success to countless other dog lovers who believe in us and share our mission.  Thank you for supporting  small business and for helping to make life better for dogs everywhere.

Karla Haas