The Original Home Cooking for Dogs


100% Human Edible Food for Dogs

At Rudy Green’s we believe that a variety of gently cooked, unprocessed whole foods will give your dog the benefits of a natural diet which provides the most easily digested and absorbed forms of nutrients available. Instead of adding artificial, powdered ingredients designed to simulate vitamin and mineral content, we give you simple recipes comprised solely of human edible, wholesome ingredients, prepared with integrity and transparency. 

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Easy as
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Thaw one pouch of Rudy Green’s in fridge or warm water. Each box contains 4 6oz individual bags for convenience.


Cut open, add desired amount to your dog’s dry food. Place any unused portion in the refrigerator. 


Watch the tail wagging, bowl- cleaning joy! 


If your dog is not used to having real food, be sure to make the transition very slowly, adding a spoonful to the usual food at each meal. RUDY GREEN’S Doggy Cuisine Varieties are ideal to use as: (can you make these bold?) a mix-in to kibble for a super nutritious dinner with the variety and flavor your dog craves a meal for a sick or older dog that doesn’t want to eat an enticing meal for “Picky Eaters” that get bored with their food an easy, convenient way for you to serve your dog REAL food that’s not table scraps and that YOU don’t have to cook yourself!

Rudy Green’s founder (and Rudy’s mom) Karla Haas feeding holiday meals to the homeless at the New Albany Floyd County, Indiana animal shelter. 

SINCE 2006


The original home cooking for dogs

Since 2006 we have been making 100% human grade food for dogs because we believe variety and good nutrition is the most important key to health! We gently cook our Doggy Cuisine™ for safety in an FDA/USDA inspected human food plant and use only real ingredients recognizable as food. Our products are all sold frozen because we don’t use high heat or artificial preservatives to extend shelf life. While this product line is technically NOT a complete and balanced meal (because we don’t add powdered supplements) it is a convenient and safe way to add variety to your dog’s dry diet that is GUARANTEED to please*. And we have NEVER been recalled! 
*if your dog doesn’t love our product we will give you your money back.

“We are proud to be on The List every year since 2010”

The company’s mission to support animal welfare organizations through a 5% of sales donation has helped thousands of homeless pets across the US since 2006.

Different flavors of foods

Our Only Ingredients: Made with meaty, yet lean cuts of prime beef with tender brown rice, fresh peas and carrots.

Our Only Ingredients: Chicken Thigh Meat, Spinach,
Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Brown Rice, and Water Sufficient for Processing.

Our Only Ingredients: Made with ground pork, potatoes, celery, flour, macaroni, garlic powder, diced tomatoes, and water.

Our Only Ingredients: Made with ground turkey, macaroni, spinach, carrots and organic cheddar cheese.

Our Only Ingredients: Made with tomatoes, mackerel, sweet potatoes, spinach, whitefish, quinoa, carrots and water.

Our Only Ingredients: Made with Spinach, Cheddar Cheese, Whole Wheat Flour and Eggs.

Our Only Ingredients: Made with REAL BEEF, Whole Wheat Flour, Oats, Eggs and Rosemary.

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small batch complete and balanced recipes formulated and prepared specifically for your pet and shipped frozen to your door  Contact us



100% Human Edible Food for Dogs. Made with Natural, Premium Ingredients, Real Meat, with No Preservatives or By-Products.


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How an animal rescuer and a dog named Rudy Green started a revolution in how we feed our pets


In 2006, my love for a sick old lab led to the creation of a small business making the first truly human- grade dog food to be sold frozen at retail in the US.   The company, named in honor of a big brown dog named Rudy Green, was founded with a mission to change the way we feed our pets, and to provide financial assistance to help animals in need.   We have persevered for years, overcoming formidable obstacles with determination and hard work and it has sparked a revolution in pet food.  Our efforts to awaken common sense and raise consumer awareness have led to positive changes in a massive industry cloaked in secrecy and built on profits over the health of pets. Read more

Soft, handmade, nutritious and delicious cookie bars perfect for “dentally challenged” dogs and seniors.

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Customer Review

Karla is one of Louisville's finest!!! Her dedication to her clients is so refreshing. It's a rarity to find someone whose passion, dedication and expertise so perfectly align. She has made a drastically positive difference in both my and my dog's life. My senior APBT is suffering from Cushing's and her custom formulated diet and better-than-veterinary research and advice have eased that suffering immensely. I have and will continue to recommend her and her product line to everyone I know
Tyler Ohlmann